Jenny Leilani Callison for State Assembly




  • I support the rights of parents to choose the best educational path for their children and will look for opportunities to expand school choice for Californians, while working with the Department of Education and other school administrators to improve our public schools. 
  • Too many California parents hire outside help to ensure their child obtains an individualized education program assessment, and must fight further to ensure their child receives the supplementary services required by law. I will work to ensure every deserving student has easy access to an IEP
  • I want to keep our children in school, and capable of accomplishing great things when they graduate.

Mental Health

  • The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated adverse mental health in California. I will work with federal, state, and local government and non-profits to ensure every resident of the district access to appropriate and timely mental health care. 
  • I plan to collaborate with County Behavioral Health Mental Health Services to access more Mental Health Services Act Funding and ensure residents obtain an appropriate increase in the amount and quality of care. 

Youth Mental Health

  • Too many young people have feelings of depression and hopelessness, 53% more than reported a decade ago. 
  • I recognize that mental health is an essential part of overall health, and will work to ensure that every child has access to high-quality, affordable, and culturally competent mental health care.

Aging Community

  • The elderly in our community deserve respect and dignity throughout their lives. The COVID-19 pandemic strained aging and disability services like never before, and intensified social isolation. 
  • I will work in accordance with the Master Plan for Aging to ensure the aging community in this district have access to more housing options, appropriate health care, community inclusion, supportive caregivers, and affordable aging


  • Regulations and fees raise the price of housing and restrict the growth of new housing. My goal is to make common sense changes to the building code to facilitate more and cheaper housing, while maintaining health and safety standards. 
  • West Sacramento is a great example of microzoning changes to facilitate increased housing in an affordable way. I hope to work with leading experts to facilitate a healthy business environment. 


  • Assembly District 11 is the proud home to over 33,000 veterans. Those who committed to serve our country deserve full access to healthcare, gainful employment, appropriate education, and affordable housing. 
  • I will work with the Department of Veterans Affairs, county veteran services officers, and veterans groups to identify the needs of veterans in the area, and ensure a high quality of life and appropriate care for those who need it. 


  • Small businesses suffered and large corporations thrived during the pandemic. Now there is a surplus of high-skilled workers without adequate high-pay employment opportunities. At the same time, housing prices skyrocketed with no sign of going down. I want to grow our middle-class, work to reduce regulations on small businesses, examine zoning opportunities to allow low-cost housing and business opportunities, and give you more bang for your buck. 


  • You deserve access to appropriate physical and mental health care. I will work in collaboration with federal, local, private, and non profit groups to ensure no mental health care need is unmet in this state.
  • As a new mother, I understand more than ever the importance of paid family leave, and extending current family leave to a length beneficial to mother and child.This includes creating and expanding postpartum benefits and services, as well as initiating small-group counseling for one year after birth. 

Public Safety

  • Cities across California experienced an increase in crime. My goal is to work in collaboration with community leaders and the police department to ensure justice for victims and accountability in policing. 
  • As a family member of local LEOs, I care just as much about the safety of our community as I do for the safety of our officers. I will work to provide LEOs with the tools and resources necessary to keep communities safe. 
  • I will work to accommodate for deficiencies in the system brought about by Assembly Bill 105 and Proposition 47. 
  • A large percentage of calls police officers respond to are for people with adverse mental health conditions. I hope to improve the quality and access to mental health in the state, to help the person with declining mental health before an encounter with law enforcement. 


  • Opioids lead to more and more deaths every year, and cannabis is a healthier option for adult recreational use and medical patients who would benefit from the option.
  • I plan to ease fees and regulations to enable profit and growth for small, medium, and large-scale operations.
  • As Assemblymember, I will encourage the federal government to legalize cannabis and cannabis banking.